⁂ a' flóalt flaiska njól

by skornachgaldrinn

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released January 1, 2014

So far:
Jojo, Katha, Anna, Ming, Kevin, Norah, Torsten, Daniel, Anna, Tinatin, Daniela, Toby, Tim, Pablo, Ulrike, Pál, Adrian, Noura, Katha, Marie, Wiebke, Yasmin, Wenke, Timo
& Julian



all rights reserved


skornachgaldrinn Hannover, Germany

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Track Name: Singes

Sétálok körbezárva, lassan
magamba nőve, majd szerteágazva a külvilág felé megint.
És mindez idő alatt és mindenen keresztül
a levegő mozdulatlan

Minden lépés könyörtelenül visszhangzik
avar gyomra, rozsda, mindenik lélegzik.
Bár gyantacsordultig hegyezem füleim
egyetlen hangot sem hallok.


and when he finally taught himself how to speak,
long after they'd stopped marking the years,
at last he could tell those wry feet not to drag,
at last he'd have a use for his ears

the way that he would hold his tongue, though, was crooked,
and with every word that he said
the taste of the blood of the language he'd taken to
splintered like glass in his head

hoping, as he listens / for a storm
for all to be
broken, in the distance, like dawn
Track Name: seái! seái! tungfast
I : inn

Slowly breaking through
the combs and cobwebs clasped in you
and sowing stairs into
everyday and other's shoes
The bent and burnt salute,
to hear their song you must forget
they're mute
they're you

II : inn

It seems it fell and split in two
and found a way of naming you

and though the sound of what you're called
will break the tongue by which it's told

In seams it fell and lit in you
and found a way of counting you

IIIa : út

draw one last breath
i'll turn my back,
uproot those vines around
my fogbound legs

lest all these thoughts
be blood and windfall
stuck behind eyes as years
curl up sallow and small

from every branch
it hangs and clings
to every blackened bone
in the rising winds:


(la la la, la la la, la la la la)

stand stillborn, i'm waking
it sings to me, its lilt

of footsteps mistaken
of all i've drunk and spilt

i know
i've had my fill
Track Name: Cistern
I can repeat
it back to you,
I’ll try to do it
a little slower

But it’s all tinged
with what’s left lingering
from the turnover

And while small hours
collect into
their brewing vessels,

I stare at the impasse
ever stirring
and he stares
right back
Track Name: Sore Throats Choir

И когда наконец пришло время, сапоги наполненные бодрствующими ночами
и с сильно много пальцев на руке -
в этой лодке мы будем сидеть


Out in the sea, like stones we sank
When will we be washed back ashore?
For deep are the waters and angry's their hand
We keep singing though our throats are sore

Like children, we swallowed the salt on our tongues,
filled the clefts in our lisp with wine,
breathed fireflies to bring back the glow to our lungs,
but behind the teeth, all turns to brine

In strings fell the rain, so we wove us a rope
with the warmth of our fear, tied to the end of our hope
And our ears may be deafened, and the eyes may be blind,
but our birthmarks and scars laugh forever
as upwards we climb




A child, a whore, a thousand chairs
Old age will come and split your hairs

Now water down your bitter step,
so bleary-eyed and crudely mapped

A trail to break / your chair-/-leg-/-bone
Which child to soothe, which whore to stone


This window is rhombic, this window's stained trellis,
full of cobwebs and dreams sees where the room we indwell is,
gargling sunlight and ink till we puke in the rusty sink
and holding each other’s hair back, tying small knots with our own

And when our fingers are swollen from picking the nettles,
that keep growing on our beds, inside our bottles and kettles
And as we quiver with the crane flies, counting sunrise by sunrise,
then our eyes slowly open / See, it's the seeds we have sown
Track Name: " "
გარეთ, შორს, ვტივტივებ, ვცურავ,
უწყალო ზღვაში
რომლის დინებაც მკვეთავს,

რომლის მარილიც ჩემს სხეულზე
ისახება ათას წვრილ ნაჩხვლეტებად
ათას-ფერ და ბროლისებრ ფორმებად
შიგნისკენ გზას იკვლევენ

და იქნებ მხოლოდ ესაა, რითიც მიცნობენ
ანდა იმგვარად, თუ როგორ მიტოვებს ნათითურებს ღამე თვალებზე

როცა მე როგორც მოხუცი
მინის მბერავი კანკალა ხელით
ვცდილობ მოვათავსო ორიოდენი ნისლის
ნაგლეჯი, ჩემგან დამზადებულ ჭურჭელში

და თუ გამომივა, მაშინ ისინიც იტივტივებენ, იცურავებენ ჩემთან ერთად
გარეთ, უფრო შორს, იქ სადაც
აღსრულდება ის ,რაც ვიცი

რადგან არ ვიცი ასეთი ქვეყანა
რომელიც მატარაბდა ფეხზე მდგომს
არ ვიცი არცერთი ქვეყანა